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Treat sun spots with less pain

Nearly 100 Hawke’s Bay patients have already taken advantage of the latest photodynamic technology, newly arrived in Hawke’s Bay, to have their sun spots treated.

Sun spots, caused by sun damage, are very common, especially in the over-50 age bracket.

“As promised, it has been proved to be much less painful than traditional light treatment, and it has very good cosmetic outcomes,” says Hawke’s Bay specialist dermatologist and surgeon Dr Juber Hafiji.

The technology enables rapid treatment – about 35 minutes depending on the condition being treated.

“Using light combined with photosensitising cream to treat skin conditions is not new, but the latest technology has dramatically improved the process for patients.

“One of the new technology’s many benefits is that there is minimal scarring, as can occur with other treatment options.

“The feedback we have had from patients to date is excellent.

“Some have undergone this type of treatment before and are impressed that, compared to other options, this treatment is much more comfortable for them.”

A key difference between the old and new technology is the ‘stepping through’ of three lights in the new version.

The MultiLite has three phases: blue light (short depth into skin), yellow light (medium depth), red light (long depth).

“This is very much kinder to the patient,  says Dr Hafiji.”

The technology can also be used to treat other skin conditions, such as acne and eczema, and for cosmetic photo-rejuvenation.