Virtual Consultations

Dermatology Hawke’s Bay is pleased to offer virtual consultations to New Zealand-based patients aged 16+ years. This service enables the patient and Dr Hafiji to discuss skin health issues using a patient-friendly secure virtual portal.

Virtual consultations are particularly useful for New Zealand-based patients who:

  • Live far from the Dermatology Hawke’s Bay clinic (rural/out-of-region)
  • Live with an illness or disability that makes leaving home difficult
  • Prefer to interact via technology to save time

Virtual consultations are suitable for a range of skin conditions including:

  • Skin rashes
  • Acne
  • Skin growths / lesions
  • Hair loss
  • Nail conditions
  • Follow-up care

We do not provide virtual consultations for patients younger than 16 years, and there are some conditions that are not suitable for a virtual consultation – please contact us to discuss your options.

Virtual Consultation FAQ

The system used by Dermatology Hawke’s Bay is This is a specialist telemedicine service which meets the New Zealand Health Information Standards Organisation standard for videoconferencing and is HIPAA-compliant in the US, offering a secure, end-to-end encryption service. No video material is stored.

It was selected as the preferred technology from a range of accredited telehealth options for its ease of use for patients. It does not require the patient to download any software nor register, and is activated by one click.

The Dermatology Hawke’s Bay team will send you a link for your appointment via email. Please send any images of your skin problem 48 hours before your virtual consultation to . Prior to your appointment time, please click on your link and enter your name. This simple process admits you to the ‘virtual waiting room’.

You will be able to see if Dr Hafiji is still with a patient or is availableDr Hafiji will be able to see you in the waiting room once admitted

From the patient’s perspective, the view operates like many other video meeting screens. You and Dr Hafiji can see and talk to each other, and there is a ‘chat’ window should it be needed.

By running the clinic’s regular systems in conjunction with, Dr Hafiji can send prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy, book further investigations including blood tests or radiology imaging, and record notes onto your Dermatology Hawke’s Bay patient record – all at the same time. Following your virtual consultation, letters will be sent electronically to you and your family doctor to ensure timely communication occurs regarding your care.

If you would like a virtual consultation, please contact us.

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