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Multi-million dollar dermatology clinic officially open

A new medical facility, focused on skin disease and skin care, featuring operating theatres, on-site laboratory, clinic rooms, patient lounge and the latest technology, was opened in Havelock North on Friday [Aug 14] by Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst with owners Dr Juber Hafiji and his wife Shahin.

Hawke’s Bay’s newest medical facility has been officially opened just nine months after the build started – a minor miracle given the Covid-related shortage of building materials and work shut-downs.

Dermatology Hawke’s Bay’s specialist dermatologist and surgeon Juber Hafiji officially opened his new hi-tech clinic in Havelock North on Friday.

It had been a “somewhat stressful” nine months he said. “But we have made it, and the whole team is very proud of it.”

The new multi-million-dollar facility, boasting clinic rooms, operating theatres, on-site laboratory and patient recovery lounge, is decked out with the very latest technology.

“Huge improvements have been made internationally on the way we can treat and care for skin – from acne and dermatitis to sun damage and skin cancers. Right from the very earliest days of planning this facility, I was determined to ensure that our patients have access to those innovations.  Historically, patients have had to travel out of region to have Mohs micrographic surgery – the gold standard for the management of skin cancer.  The team is excited to provide a local service to our people.”

The new site, on Level 2 in The Village Exchange on Havelock Rd, has a fine view of Te Mata Peak from its wrap-around windows. “That’s really nice for our patients, but it’s also a nice environment for our team to work in.”

Until now, Dr Hafiji had been working out of the Napier Health Centre. He invited his current patients to an open afternoon on Friday, with those attending very impressed. “We had huge interest and such good feedback; it makes the whole project worthwhile to know that people are happy with it,” he said.

On Friday evening he hosted those who had supported him throughout the build and his new business neighbours. “It was a chance to thank those people who had been instrumental in getting this project finished, and it was a chance to meet some of our new neighbours.”

He particularly thanked David and Annah Kight of Mackersey Developments and John Bower of MCL Construction. “As always in these projects, there are a great deal of moving parts, and David, Annah and John have been instrumental in making sure it has all come together.”