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Art on the walls great for patients and artists

“I’m so thrilled with it. It’s such a bold piece and its reflective surface bounces light around the room so it’s almost like having another light source,” says clinic business manager Shahin Hafiji.

It’s one of more than a dozen original pieces by local artists gracing the walls of the clinic. “It’s creating a real talking point, with patients pleased to see work by artists they know and discussing them as they rest after surgery,” said Mrs Hafiji.

When she and dermatologist husband Juber Hafiji were planning their Havelock North clinic, “we were clear we wanted to include works by local artists that would be a lovely distraction for our patients and celebrate Hawke’s Bay’s incredibly talented artists”.

In the patient lounge are two pieces by West, one from her ‘Retro Persuasion’ series and one from her ‘Juicy Kisses’ series. Across the clinic there are works by Josh Lancaster, Cathy Wilcox, Carrie Fraser and Lauren Claire.

West is a noted Hawke’s Bay artist based in Haumoana, known for her retro mid-century aesthetic. “I love the style of the 60s and 70s. I work in resin, which gives me maximum freedom to develop fluidity and layers; almost reminiscent of lava lamps.

“I often use a lot of gold leaf in my work which adds life and light and almost makes them appear to be moving as you walk past them.”

For the Hafiji’s, buying local art was critical. “The medical technology we needed for the clinic had to be imported from Europe and America in the main, so we made a conscious decision to buy everything else we could as close to home as possible; so art, furnishings and consumables where we can. It’s about supporting our community – that is very important to both of us.”

The art work has hit the mark with patients. “It creates a talking point, so between the art and the view from the lounge up to Te Mata Peak, it’s not quite so bad spending time recuperating from day surgery in the lounge,” said Mrs Hafiji.