The very latest mole scanning technology with artificial intelligence means your moles are mapped and recorded at Dermatology Hawke’s Bay, so we can compare changes over time.

Head to toe scanning means no mole is missed. Every scan is reviewed by Dr Juber Hafiji with wrap-around follow-up care available to deal with skin cancers as they arise.

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Dr Juber Hafiji

Specialist Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon

MoleScan therapy FAQs:

Regular screening is the optimal way to detect subtle skin changes at an early stage. Mole Scan® uses the very latest dermatoscopic skin imaging technology with artificial intelligence (using the Moleanalyzer Pro made by German company Fotofinder). Its impressive sensitivity and specificity allow us to see into the deeper layers of skin where cancer starts. We are looking for changes on and under the skin that signal cancer – particularly melanoma. If no issues are found, we keep your images on file so they can be compared with your follow-up scans to detect any change. If a suspicious mole or cancer is found, treatment can be offered in a timely fashion by the Dermatology Hawke’s Bay team, ensuring that you have the best, most effective care.
PDT can be used to treat sun spots (actinic keratoses), some pre-cancerous growths and superficial skin cancersIt can also treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne and can be used for cosmetic rejuvenation. 
Traditional PDT devices, whilst very effective, are very painful. Older technologies have one red light, immediately penetrating deep into the skin, causing a high level of patient discomfortThe new German-engineered MultiLite technology provides a ‘stepping through’ of three lights in phases: blue light (short depth), yellow light (medium depth), red light (long depth). This technology offers a much more comfortable treatment process for the patient. 

Worried about changes to your skin?

Dermatology Hawke’s Bay offers a comprehensive skin check service. The earlier skin cancer is detected and treated, the more effective the treatment will be.